T. Fanning Concrete, Inc. was created to provide the highest quality concrete floors and finishes available.


Commercial/Industrial Flooring

With over 25 years of commercial concrete floor experience, T. Fanning concrete understands how important everything is to complete a project from scheduling, proper subbase compaction, depth of concrete, joint spacing and doweling. As the saying goes, nothing beats experience. We use lasers for grading, screeding the floors, and double checking our form elevations. We keep up with industry standards, like osha 10 classes, ACI certification, and reading our construction trade periodicals. We feel good about keeping up with changes in mix designs, floor sealers, densifers, to cleaning the floor. We have also built a strong working relationship with several large excavators to insure that were using the best compacted gravel subbase available. All phases of our work is to exceed the standards, and give the owners of the building the best possible floors, paving, or sidewalks.We are also very proud of our safety record. In the last 11 years we have had only 1 small work related incident ( hurt knee, 3 days light duty ). No lost time injuries. We understand how important it is for everyone to work safely through the day.

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Residential Flatwork

Recognized as a quality flatwork leader in Southern Wisconsin. Working closely with local builders and contractors we have focused on single family residential housing. We are the concrete contractor of choice for larger custom high-end homes. A Rock County leader in decorative concrete finishes we also specialize in exposed aggregate, colored and stamped concrete, and acid staining. Listed as a preferred provider from local ready-mix companies.

We install basement floors, garage floors, front stoops, and more. As with builders and private owners we also install your service walks, driveway, and patios. We use only quality gravels for our sub-bases, and we compact that more than any other residential contractor. The concrete we use is always 3500 psi plus. We have a great safety record (no lost time in 11 years), and carry business insurance, as well as workmans compensation. Our employees are well trained, with years of experience,and are dedicated to providing the best concrete finish available.

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